Coaching Programs

What is a Life Coach? I will really listen to you and hear what you are saying. Then, I will guide you to improve your career, relationship and your life. I recognize your skills and your dreams, and help you to


Animal Wellness

For your Pets, I offer the following Treatments, Therapies & Packages: Animal Aromatherapy Animal Reflexology Animal Reiki/Energy Work Animal Psychology Animal Weight Management Anti-Aging Nutrition Programs Healthy Joint Nutrition Programs *iMRS Mat ‘Overall Wellness’ Program Animal Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki/Energy Work,


Therapies & Treatments

My “Treasure Chest” of Therapies & Treatments is extensive and I look forward to assisting you in your ‘Great Adventure of Living Well”.   The thing to remember, that most of us forget, is that it has usually taken a