Robin  Robin Noble, founder and owner of Noble Destinations Worldwide

I have always believed that Wellness & Travel go hand-in-hand, as person needs to be ‘well’ in order to enjoy their travels, and ‘travel’ improves a person’s wellness, through their experiences, and opens the mind… So to me, having a business that incorporates these two aspects simply made sense J

With great joy, I have travelled to more than 175 countries throughout my life, with much of it happening during my career as Tour Director for cruise ships, primarily in the luxury market. I learned so much about different cultures, their foods and customs, and met so many wonderful people in the various countries that I travelled to for more than 20 years…

The one incredible thread that weaves its way through the tapestry of Life, is that we all have similar wants and desires: to be well and to have good health, to love and be loved, to spend time with our families, live in peace and harmony with our neighbours, and to have enough money to ensure our ‘needs’, and wants, are met, with enough food on our table and to believe that we are looked after by a ‘higher being’ (or ‘God’) who will forgive our sins, even those we cannot forgive ourselves for…

While our locations may be different, and our lifestyle, health and wealth are at different levels, in speaking with people – from Myanmar (Burma) to Machu Pichu, from Mumbai to Mombasa, from Brunei to Egypt, from Greece to Turkey, from Cambodia to Djibouti and Bahrain to South America, and so many more – either through interpreters, local language or in English, we all have two things in common:

1) We bleed in ‘red’

2) We cry tears of ‘water’

I also believe that we have the right to be in the best state of wellness that we can be in, through assistance from the medical and ‘alternative’ therapy fields, to help us stay healthy, age gracefully and with dignity and to be as alert as possible and functioning at an optimum level of activity that allows us to enjoy our day to day living accordingly.

From my early days as a health food store owner in Toronto to the very special energy training that I received when I spent time with ‘healers’ during my travels, I have researched products and treatments to give hope and quality of life to anyone who has asked for help in their healing journey.

The treasure chest of products that I use, represent and recommend, are leading components in this area and I have seen my own health, mobility and overall wellness improve in my own life, since a life changing accident in 2004.

It is now time for me to help others, as I have been helped by so many…

I look forward to our Wellness & Travel journey together, Robin/